Around the Grounds: After Hours at the 2017 US Open (Day 10)

Robert Cole/ALOST
Can Juan Martín del Potro pull off Ashe Stadium magic against Roger Federer tonight like he did against the Swiss in the 2009 US Open Final? (Photo by Robert Cole)
Can Juan Martín del Potro pull off Arthur Ashe Stadium magic against Roger Federer tonight like he did against the Swiss in the 2009 US Open Final? A spot in the semis – and a date against Rafa Nadal – is at stake. (Photo by Robert Cole)

We’re getting right to the action as we take our seats in the media seating area of Arthur Ashe Stadium. It’s almost 11 PM and Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro, the combatants in the 2009 US Open final which del Potro won, are waged in a wonderful quarterfinal battle.

As always, know that the “refresh” button is your friend! We’ll be updating you constantly on different matches and storylines…because that’s what we do! Again, the most recent blogs are on top.

11:50 PM EST: GAME, SET, MATCH: DEL POTRO! Of course it’s another forehand that earns him the victory! The Argentinian does it again at Ashe Stadium against Roger! Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” plays on the public address. It’s an absolutely festive atmosphere here! Sounds more like a South American World Cup Qualifying game in Buenos Aires!

11:48 PM EST: Fed sneaks in on a second serve, has an easy forehand volley at the net and he absolutely shanks it! Match point for Juan Martín!!

11:47 PM EST: Federer wins a long rally after a Delpo backhand goes long! Two points from a Delpo win…and two points from a Federer break!

11:47 PM EST: Delpo backhand volley at net is dumped into the net, and now it’s 30-15.

11:46 PM EST: ACE! 30-0!

11:45 PM EST: del Potro spanks another forehand winner to start his service game.

11:43 PM EST: Federer holds. Delpo will now serve for the match at 5-4 in the fourth set.

11:42 PM EST: Federer wins next three points and it’s game point for the Swiss.

11:40 PM EST: HOLY SMOKES! Delpo guesses right on a short ball that Federer hits, and the Argentinian almost takes Roger’s head off at the net with a forehand scorcher of a winner!! Two points away!

11:40 PM EST: WOW! Delpo holds at love! 5-3! One game away. Now three points away after a forehand winner on Federer’s first point on this must-hold service game.

11:36 PM EST: Federer holds at 15 and it’s now 4-3 to Delpo. Two games away from the match. Now chants of “Roger” fill the stands!

11:33 PM EST: Federer can’t handle pace of Delpo’s forehand on the backhand and hits ball into the net. Game point for Delpo. And he holds after a massive first serve is returned long. 4-2 to Juan Martín. The “Olé…Olé, Olé, Olé!” chants break out from the Argentinian contingent here in the stands!

11:32 PM EST: After losing the first point on his service game, Delpo cranks an ace on a second serve! Wins next point after that and it’s 30-15.

11:29 PM EST: del Potro breaks!! It’s 3-2 for Delpo, and he’s just three games away from another win against Federer at the US Open and a spot in the 2017 semifinals!

11:28 PM EST: OMG! Delpo hits two defensive lobs with Federer at the net, and Federer dumps the second one into the net! Another break point chance for del Potro!

11:27 PM EST: Federer saves both break points, including a forehand winner at 30-40. Fed yells “C’MON!” after the winner! He knows how important this game is!

11:26 PM EST: Federer forehand goes ling and it’s 15-30. And ANOTHER Federer forehand error goes long and it’s double break point for Delpo!

11:24 PM EST: Juan Martín holds at love. 2-2 in the fourth.

11:24 PM EST: Three first service games of the fourth set are routine holds. Federer leads 2-1. Now Delpo is up 40-0 and looks like another easy-peasy hold in the works.

11:13 PM EST: DELPO WINS THE THIRD SET ON A FEDERER UNFORCED ERROR!! 10-8 for Juan Martín in the tiebreak, and it’s two sets to one to the Argentinian!

11:11 PM EST: 7-7!! Backhand goes long from Fed!

11:10 PM EST: DELPO DOUBLE FAULTS! Another set point for Federer!

11:09 PM EST: Massive serve for Delpo that Federer can’t handle and it’s 6-6! Players change ends!

11:09 PM EST: GREAT return from Delpo on the forehand that hits baseline and Federer can only half-volley the ball into the net. 6-5 Federer, but on Delpo’s serve now!

11:08 PM EST: Two set points for Federer now!

11:07 PM EST: Delpo forehand is dumped into the net, and it’s 5-4 Federer. Two serves for the Swiss. Fans here are agog!

11:06 PM EST: Federer hits an ace, but the call is challenged…and it’s OUT! Then Federer hits a forehand into the net and it’s 4-3 Federer, but back on serve in the tiebreak.

11:04 PM EST: They change ends at 4-2 after a Federer forehand winner.

11:03 PM EST: Error from Delpo on the backhand gives Federer the minibreak back. Now Delpo wins next point for 2-3. Federer still with the minibreak!

11:02 PM EST: Delpo hits a forehand winner on a second serve and we’re back on serve in the minibreak.

11:02 PM EST: Delpo unloads on a few forehands, so hard that you can hear him grunt from the second deck! But Federer has the answer and hits a forehand winner for 2-0.

11:00 PM EST: Third set tiebreak starts with a del Potro error on the forehand that goes long. Roger with the minibreak.

10:59 PM EST: We get with Roger serving at 5-7, 6-5, 5-6. And as soon as I type this, Federer holds routinely for 6-6.

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