1-on-1 Interview with Mats Wilander (Around the Grounds at the 2017 US Open)

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It was a magical year for International Tennis Hall of Famer Mats Wilander in 1988, as he won three of the four majors in men's singles, including the US Open. (Mats Wilander)
It was a magical year for International Tennis Hall of Famer Mats Wilander in 1988 as he won three of the four majors in men’s singles, including the US Open final over three-time defending champion Ivan Lendl. (Mats Wilander)

So what does a roving reporter at a largely outdoor event do when there is rain in the area, forcing journalists inside and canceling most of the events taking place underneath the New York City sky?

We head inside to make sure to release an interview with one of the greats in the game of tennis, that’s what we do! At least that’s what A Lot of Sports Talk is doing now, as, a few days ago, we had the honor of interviewing a tennis legend, seven-time Grand Slam singles champion and 2002 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee Mats Wilander of Sweden. Recorded last Friday, Wilander sat down with ALOST‘s Adesina O. Koiki on the patio just outside of the media room at the US Open and talked about his magical year of 1988, where he ended up winning three of the four majors in men’s singles. Also, Wilander hit on major topics currently making headlines on the ATP Tour and WTA Tour, including his thoughts on the absences of some of the major stars of the ATP Tour for this year’s US Open (e.g. Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka, et al.) and the immediate future at the top of the women’s game with Serena Williams currently away from the game to have her baby. Wilander, who currently works as a tennis commentator for Eurosport, was also asked the difference(s) in watching the game of tennis as an analyst as compared to when he was a player.

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