The ALOST Podcast, Ep. XXXIX: Train the Eyes, Train the Mind

RV Technologies/The QB Equalizer
One of the highlights of a memorable US Open was Bianca Andreescu, 19, becoming the first-ever Canadian to win a Grand Slam title in singles, defeating Serena Williams in the women’s final. (Margot Jordan/ALOST)

This past summer saw the debut of a phone app that is sure to take the phrase “Monday Morning Quarterback” to a whole new level, with many football fans having the opportunity to break down an opposing defense and make split-second touchdown throws exactly like their favorite quarterbacks on the football field.

Are you willing to put in the work…and download it onto your smartphone?

The spotlight shines brightest on the quarterback position no matter what football game (and no matter the level of football) is being contested, and our latest edition of The A Lot of Sports Talk Podcast focuses on the recent invention of longtime football coach John Tomlinson called The Quarterback Equalizer, an interactive app and game designed to train the eyes of quarterbacks in the art of recognizing various defensive schemes instantaneously and how to beat them to maximize on-field performance as you learn the position. We talked extensively with Tomlinson, who has coached quarterbacks for 20 years and has had a number of stints on coaching staffs in the National Football League (Colts, Browns, Raiders) about his inspiration to turn his knowledge of the quarterback position into becoming an app developer, as well as the obstacles he faced in bringing his vision to reality – including juggling his coaching job(s) with early-morning conference calls with game developers he worked with in India. While the questions of whether his game is similar to other football-centric games, specifically the Madden franchise, Tomlinson goes into detail as to how his game has translated into real-life results and testimonials from current football players who have improved their play on the field after using his app. Tomlinson explains also how his game appeals as much to the fantasy football owner as much as the owner of actual football pads and a helmet, allowing his game to have crossover appeal. Our interview with Tomlinson is part one of our conversation, with part two featuring on the next edition of The ALOST Podcast. (Click here for a video demonstration of the game, featuring Coach Tomlinson breaking down a number of the different aspects and features of the app.)

Not only does the end of summer feature the start of football, it also is the backdrop to the final Grand Slam of the tennis season, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Along with covering the spectacle from the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, we were fortunate to have a one-on-one conversation with on-camera tennis host and presenter Blair Henley about a number of topics in the 2019 U.S. Open, including what it is like to be part of the atmosphere inside of Arthur Ashe Stadium, the 23,000-seat centerpiece that is the largest stadium used exclusively for tennis in the world. Henley is seen across the country and the world during her on-court interviews after matches, and she explains to us how she gets ready for each interview and attempts to introduce some of the world’s best tennis players to people to large audiences. The men’s and women’s singles finals brought tons of drama, and Henley also discussed the impact of new tennis Grand Slam champion Bianca Andreescu, the legacy of Serena Williams and her thoughts on the drama that enveloped men’s singles finalist Daniil Medvedev. 

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Interview Order: Intro (0:00 – 4:58); John Tomlinson (5:01 – 38:18); Blair Henley (38:24 – 59:26); Wrap-up (59:30 – 1:02:37)


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